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Healthy and balanced Food

The basis of our concept is including all types of alimentation to meet the needs of all diners. Our traveling experience is that most hotels/restaurants had a concept of vegetarian cuisine that assumed that all vegetarians “eat like rabbits”. We also observed that when you have a health problem (diabetes, high cholesterol, allergies etc.) there is no adequate options that fulfill these necessities. Normally, the food offered to travelers is limited to persons without any health problems and, over all, meat consumers.

The other consumers have to adjust or are relegated to poor and boring alimentation. This is why we offer food for everybody eating everything, others preferring vegetarian food, low in fat and sugars, for persons who care for themselves and a combination of all of that just how you would like it !!!
This is why our philosophy is, being a traveler or being our guest doesn’t mean that you get home to your place sick because of poor health or inadequate alimentation but, well kept in your food necessities and taking with you a lot of grateful memories.